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At Calories Per, our calorie counter database contains nutritional information on over 7000 individual items.

When searching for nutritional information or a low calorie diet, some people prefer to search for general items such as chicken calories, cheese calories or the ever popular pizza calories. Others prefer to search for more specific items such as MacDonald’s calories, Wendy’s calories or other fast food calories.

Or perhaps you need to know about foods with low or high amounts of various vitamins or other nutrients, such as high fiber, high cholesterol, or low sugar.

Our name is Calories Per. You can fill in the blank! You can search for Calories Per Day, Calories Per Hour, Calories per ounce (calories per gram) or calories per serving.

Explore the tool and note - using the computer can burn between 25-40 calories per hour!

The information can be found right here, in this easy to use tool.

The information is up to date and based on the USDA nutritional source.

Find the food you want and filter for calories, fat, sodium, carbohydrates, protein or various vitamins.

The customizable calorie counter proudly presented by Calories Per.